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Meet The Doctors

Director of Novo Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Steve Hoodie, Director of Novo, had a life-changing experience in his early 20s that help to create what Novo is today, the medical weight-loss experts.

In his own words "at age 22 I was on my way to medical school. I was quite a good athlete, running over 100 miles per week and really feeling on top of the world. By age 23 I developed tuberculosis. Shortly thereafter, I contracted liver disease. And within a few months, my immune system had tanked. I was feeling shocked, but even worse, some of the doctors I caring for me gave me only six months to live! I spent the next 4 1/2 years trying to save my life. I did everything possible and tried every crazy remedy that I could find hoping I would find the one. In case you wonder, I did make it. And I am here today to show. At age 61, I am full of energy and do not know many 20-year-olds that can keep up with me. How did I do it? A 94-year-old physician nutritionist set me on my path. He helped me to realize that taking care of the basic nutritional needs and keeping my metabolism functioning would create a fertile environment for the rest of my body to heal. He was so correct. And I saw so many of the results he had with patients who were overweight or obese.

As I returned to school I always kept in mind how important metabolism is to the functioning of every cell in the human body. And with that in mind I was always watching and taking care of patients who are overweight.

For over 30 years I have continually examined and explored every scientific advancement that seem like it might help in the field of weight loss. In the last several years, when our offices began to use Dr. Simeon's hCG plus proper diet and B 12 with vitamins, our results increased dramatically. And the rest is history. We have been examining and measuring and monitoring and making certain that we can get the very best results for resetting metabolism, and then educating patients on how to maintain their weight losses, and finally how to make certain the bodies can get as healthy as possible with this newfound metabolism.

If you are ready for permanent weight loss and excellent health Novo, the medical weight-loss experts are here to share all of the experience and dedication we have with you to help you on your journey.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Burt Greenberg received his undergraduate B.A. in neurobiology from Cornell University and his medical degree from Syracuse University. He then completed a general surgery residency and a plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Continuing with advanced training, Dr. Greenberg attended Harvard Medical school for training in aesthetic surgery and microsurgery.

The Highest Standards Of Medical Care

Dr. Burt Greenberg is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is an active member of the America Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Burt Greenberg teaches residents in training at Stony Brook University School of Medicine and at the NYU School of Medicine and has authored over forty articles and book chapters in the field.

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