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Rapid Weight Loss

Using a food diary helps to connect visually seen what we're eating and can actually affect what we eat and how we metabolize.

In order to understand one's metabolis, nerve tests, allergy tests, and some blood tests are necessary.

one of the easiest ways to boost ones immune system it's two in the effective probiotic product.

Effective detoxing methods include things as simple as adding hydrogen peroxide to a salt bath, and using a loofah with plenty of leather.

And finally, body work can be extremely important to reduce the secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone, in our body. when our muscles are tight we produce more cortisol, when our muscles are loose, we secrete less cortisol and thus store less fat. Relaxed muscles store less fat.

This phase is all about getting your metabolism restarted. That is the real reason most people are overweight. Here you will lose many inches and pounds with the help of the most productive medications and lifestyle tips. We will teach you about tracking your own progress, This sets you up for Phase 2. It includes:

  • Proper use of food diary
  • Understanding where your metabolism is lacking through testing
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Effective detoxing methods
  • Best methods of bodywork to reduce accumulated stress

Getting Your Ideal Body

metabolism boosting diet includes 3 meals per day and 2 snacks And within these meals we need to consume sufficient amounts of protein and vegetables along with some fruit. Grains should be used more sparingly as our digestive systems are not as used to digesting grains and they are the most refined and genetically altered products on the market.

we recommend only the highest quality of vitamins actually get absorbed into the body and only those that each individual person as shown to actually need.

We checking your health score lets us know if your body's health is catching up to its renewed fully functioning metabolism.

and finally, because of the onslaught of toxic chemicals within our environment, it is sometimes the healthiest choice to also turn to bioidentical hormones in some cases to keep the body perfectly balanced and at used weight and shape.

In Phase 2 a patient begins to control their own metabolism. This is done through the following:

  • Metabolism boosting diet formula
  • Seasonal detoxing
  • Effective exercise for endurance, strength, and flexibility
  • How to absorb vitamins and what do I really need
  • Rechecking your HealthScore
  • Hormone balancing

Making It Permanent

Phase 3 occurs simultaneously with phase 2. This is when the rest of our body will work diligently to catch up to a new healthy metabolism. The hypothalamus has now been reset, and that will affect cardiovascular function, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and thyroid function just to name a few. Essential during the 12 to 18 months after resetting your metabolism and reaching your ideal shape and weight is to monitor and encourage all other body systems to get healthy also to create permanent weight loss and shape.

This is when we carefully monitor the rest of your body so it catches up to your new, healthy metabolism. You will see many functions normalize, including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Cholesterol
  • Vitamin D levels
  • Blood sugar
  • Thyroid
  • And here we schedule each patient for their biannual Metabolism/HealthScore exam and update to ensure permanent results.

Dr. Hoody Explains The Phases of Weight Loss

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