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Eating is all about putting high-quality fuel into a body so that we can use it for energy and to rebuild and repair our body to its maximum function. We can also eat for pure enjoyment. But when we focus on what we need most we will be able to attain our own perfect size and shape and keep it.

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HCG Cabbage Chili

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HCG Shrimp Scampi

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Apple Chicken

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Cole Slaw

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Tomato Basil Soup

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Chicken Tacos

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Spiced Crab Salad

An essential part of choosing and consuming the best foods for our body is also understanding how we digest. Sight and smell play a huge role in our bodies ability to secrete enzymes to digest and assimilate that food. That is why we always recommend, even if you have a very tight, busy schedule, to do your best to cook some of the time as the entire process will enhance your digestive process and enable you to feel satisfied when you ingest the proper amount of food for your body's health.

There are hundreds of spices that are healthy and actually aid in our digestion. when we truly enjoy our food we will digest it and absorb it better and be satisfied once we have consumed the right amount.

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